A Fresh New Start

I first started blogging very early into my parkour career – sometime around 2007. This was before Zac and myself had begun creating the Rochester Parkour community. I kept it pretty active from then until around 2011.

When I decided to start New York state’s first parkour gym, I dropped everything I was doing and threw myself head first into it. I carried a full time job while the gym grew for an entire year until this time last year I made the final dive and went full time into RocPK. I neglected everything.

Now that the gym is hitting its 2 year mark and now that I’m finally proud of the result, I think it’s time to resume my blabbing on the internet. Unfortunately, in line with the neglect I mentioned earlier, I let my hosting expire and it would seem my old database is deleted. There are time machine backups to my old material, and while I do miss them, I see this as a grand opportunity to start fresh as a new person – one who has experienced the entrepreneurial mentality, one who has created and lead a community of over 100 families, one who knows the joy and the pain of being an instructor, one who has traveled to national summits and given lectures and speeches, one who has presented a TED talk with over 20,000 views, and one who has grown more in the last two years than I ever did in the previous 22 years.

Thank you to everyone who has influenced me and inspired me.